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The Latino Hotel Association is dedicated to serving those who want to learn, grow and succeed in the most exciting industry in the world.... hospitality! We educate and nurture passionate individuals in the hospitality industry with a focus on growing Latino and Hispanic leaders. We are committed to expanding the community of Latino Hotel owners and operators. We are a family-focused and inclusive association.

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Brand Partners

Having corporate partners is vital to what we do. Not only does our partnership assist with events and organizational growth, their vast industry resources and participation support the very foundation of the Association.


Strategic Partners

Having season veterans in the industry by your side is vital to us as an association and so is their partnership. Offering the industry’s top-rated events and informational network, our strategic partners add true value to our association and its members.


Board of Directors

Our board members offer great insight and guidance as we grow and maximize the potential of the Association. Each member brings to the table their own unique skill set and industry related expertise that helps in building our network and resources.


The Beginner's 

Guide to Hotel Investing

by John Wijtenburg


Who should join?

Latino/Hispanic Entrepreneurs, Hotel Owners, Hotel Developers, Hotel Investors,​ Real Estate Developers, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Franchisors, Hotel Financing Companies

Hotel General Managers, Hospitality Schools & Students


Hotel Management Companies, Hotel Industry Product Providers, Industry Service Providers 

 Real Estate Professionals, Tourism & Development​​​, Government Agencies